Hello and welcome to Ă…rsunda Viking!

The Viking village will be open in July and August, week 28-29 and week 31-33. Week 30 we are closed and will participate in the viking market in Saltvik on the isle of Ă…land, located between Sweden and Finland.


Opening hours week 28-29:
Wednesdays-Sundays 11-15 July and 18-22 July at 11.00-16.00.

During these two weeks the village will be crowded with vikings who will show you around the houses and tell you about their everyday life at the farm. Each day you can buy food, listen to stories about gods and giants, try  various handicraft, learn how to make a fire the viking way, say hello to the animals living at the farm and watch (and try) viking games.


Opening hours week 31-33:
Mondays-Fridays July 30-Aug 3, August 6-10 and August 13-17 at 12.00-15.00

During these three weeks there are two vikings at the village ready to show you around the surroundings and tell you more about the houses, the runestones, how to make iron and other things. You can also try on chainmail armoury and some handicraft.


We are also open for reservations in Spring, Summer and Autumn. We do tours, programmes for schools, birthday and wedding parties, kick off’s and other events. Please email us at info(a)arsundaviking.se if you have questions or want to make a reservation!

Please check out our gallery for some pictures of our village and activities!