Hello and welcome to √Örsunda Viking!

The Viking village open in July and August, week 28-29 and week 30-32!

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we ask all our visitors to respect social distance and follow the guidelines from the staff and signs on the premises. 

-Do not visit the viking village if you feel sick.
-There will be hand sanitizer available at several places in the village. 


Opening hours week 28-29:
Wednesdays-Sundays 14-18 July and 21-25 July at 11.00-16.00.

During these two weeks you’ll meet vikings who will show you around the village and tell you about houses, runestones, travelling, handicraft, religion and much more. This year we will focus more on tours and stories, but you can also buy some food and try your hand at archery as well as watch the vikings doing handicraft or demonstrate how to make a fire.

Entrance fee: Adults (age 16-) 100 SKR. Children age 7-15 and senior citizens 70 SKR. Children age 0-5 no entrance fee. 

Opening hours week 30-32:
Mondays-Fridays 26-30 July, 2-5 August and 9-13 August  at 12.00-15.00

During these three weeks there are a few vikings at the village ready to show you around the surroundings and tell you more about the houses, the runestones, how to make iron and other things. You can also try archery and some games .

Entrance fee: Adults (age 16-) 90 SKR. Children age 7-15 and senior citizens 60 SKR. Children age 0-5 no entrance fee. 

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation we might have to change our schedule and/or contents on short notice.

We are also open for reservations in Spring, Summer and Autumn. We do tours, programmes for schools, birthday and wedding parties, conferences and other events. Please email us at info(a)arsundaviking.se if you have questions or want to make a reservation!

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